Unlock exclusive VIP access benefits and experiences at a curated best-of Las Vegas. Plus, socials and events for Keyholders planned.





Pair of Las Vegas Keys to the City

$600.00 / year


*** SAVE $190-$390 WITH A PAIR OF KEYS FOR LIMITED TIME *** Introducing the most unique and ultimate VIP hospitality program and social club – the Key to the City of Las Vegas.   Strict release of just 2,024 Keys to the City for Las Vegas.    This pairs option is the ideal option for gifting one of your coveted Las Vegas Key to the City to your best friends, partner, clients and team members with the ultimate recognition!  The gift that keeps giving for a full year.  Be amongst the very first with the Las Vegas Key to the City, unlocking exclusive access, VIP benefits & Keyholder Socials for an entire 12 months from date of activation.  Strict release of just 2,024 Keys to the City for Las Vegas. 



1 – TWO (2) Keys to the City of Las Vegas with 12 full months of VIP benefits & experiences – from date of activation;  Save $190-$390+ and we also don’t believe in charging for shipping!

2 – Show/tap Key  for exclusive, unlimited VIP benefits & experiences at a curated best-of restaurants, day/nightlife, entertainment, spas, events & more.  [VIEW PARTNER BENEFITS HERE]

3 – We add new curated partners & exclusive VIP benefits monthly so the Keys get even more valuable.

4 – In-house concierge with suggestions and assistance booking reservations, nightlife, travel and more.

5 – Early Adopter Grandfathered RateThis means you keep your annual rate no matter what the rate increases to for new members.  CANCEL ANYTIME.  New limited-numbered Key is designed & shipped annually.

6 – Keyholder Socials & exclusive events throughout the year to meet like-minded Keyholder members. (Socials, wine tastings, new resto menu launches + openings, etc)

7 – Optional complimentary leather necklace to wear your Key to the City and show off your love of Las Vegas with a statement jewelry piece it becomes.  Or just keep it as the best keychain ever!

8 – Access partner shows, events & entertainment with exclusive rates & upgrades PLUS access to airport lounges & other cities!

9 – The best intuitive mobile app which lets you find partners who welcome Keyholders in VIP fashion + helpful reminders all year whenever you’re near partner locations!


The Key unlocks phenomenal VIP access and benefits and a social club all-in-one.  We look forward to welcoming you as a Keyholder soon!





This is the ideal option for a pair of Keys to the City for you and a friend or couples’ Keys!  You would gift one or both Keys to someone else and they would gain access to all exclusive VIP benefits and experiences ahead.  The Keys are activated individually so they can be gifted with ease.  Be among the very first with the Las Vegas Key to the City unlocking exclusive access and VIP benefits for an entire year from date of activation.Be among the very first with the Las Vegas Key to the City unlocking exclusive access and VIP benefits for an entire year from date of activation.  Strict release of just 2,024 Keys to the City for Las Vegas.   Annual subscription with Grandfathered Rate as long as a member. CANCEL ANYTIME.  New limited-numbered Key is designed & shipped annually.

Finally, a VIP recognition program built around locals-first and best experiences in Las Vegas!  We have curated some of the best local partners and experiences for Las Vegas locals and will continue to add even more every month.  Each partner business welcomes Keyholders, when showing or tapping the Key, in VIP fashion with a unique welcome and/or exclusive enhanced experience.  It’s all about the best businesses recognizing Keyholders in a special way whenever they do business with them. These VIP recognition benefits & experiences include complimentary welcome drinks and/or appetizers, specially made by the Chef and not available on the menu, with our locals’ best restaurant partners; Priority access and line/cover bypass with our esteemed day/nightlife partners; Upgrades, preferred rates and special exclusive Keyholder access and areas with our phenomenal entertainment & event partners; Upgrades and benefits with our hotel and travel partners including airport lounges and more.  [VIEW ALL CURRENT PARTNER BENEFITS HERE – MORE ADDED MONTHLY!]




Keyholders also gain access to our helpful, complementary mobile app on iOS & Android to help navigate by area, category and more with our partners who welcome you in unique VIP ways.  The app is intuitive and we geo-fence each partner which then sends helpful SMS reminders when nearing businesses welcoming you in VIP fashion.  Be sure your notifications are set to ON when you install our app.



The Key unlocks VIP benefits and experiences you won’t find anywhere else.  The added benefit is that our partners welcome you with these exclusive VIP benefits and experiences on EVERY VISIT you do business with our partners – ALL YEAR.  It’s all about recognition and you can go back as often as you want.



This option gets you a Key and one for a friend! You can get additional Keys for that perfect gift for friends, colleagues, team and best clients.  Recognition goes a long way and enabling your trusted recipients with the same VIP lifestyle the Key unlocks will make for the ultimate gift and one they will remember you by with every benefit!  Inquire about further options for group gifting with co-branding options even!  Email us at info@key.vegas for more information.



Socials and events throughout the year are also a big focus for the program.  As a Keyholder, you will gain access to exclusive invitations with our own Keyholder Socials and events as shown in video below from our most recent evening for Keyholders!  These include wine or scotch tastings, new business opening sneak-peeks, menu launch parties, new partner “Reveal Mixers” and more.  Meet other Keyholders and enjoy the social club aspect of the program!